Our daughter is on the spectrum and was having difficulty with her speech and comprehension. Working with Tiff dramatically improved both areas quickly! We feel her impact on our daughter shows everyday. Tiff was quickly able to relate and work effectively with her on many levels!       -  Craig T. 

I have been doing speech with my 2 year old son for 6 months before starting with Tiffany. In just 4 sessions he has made more progress than in the entire 6 months prior to meeting with her. He looks forward to playing and when he comes back from his session he is always talking up a storm. Before his first session with Tiffany we were working on him saying simple words like "ball" and "bye". He now has probably hundreds of words and that continues to grow daily. The progress in such a short time is amazing.    - Jessica C. 

We saw Tiff as a speech therapist for 3 years and up until then we had no success with our son. With her patience and expert skills our son finally began to talk. Jack adored his sessions with Tiff to the point that he would sleep with pictures of her and use videos of his sessions with Tiff as his favourite reward. Without Tiff we would not be where we are today. Tiff was an integral part of our son's progress and bringing him into out world. I cannot recommend Tiff highly enough. I just wish she was still here in Australia.    - Alana H. 

Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy Center

Tiffany is amazing! Tiffany puts so much fun into her practice that the kids don't even realize it is work. It's obvious that Tiffany loves what she does and puts her whole heart into her work. We can't thank Tiffany enough. The progress that was made in such a short amount of time is outstanding. - Heide H. 


Tyler's speech therapist from Kennedy Krieger. Without her we never would have made it to where we are. She will always be in our hearts. Her picture is also in every room of our house. You couldn't ask for anyone better than Tiffany Erler.  - Vicki M.

Tiffany Erler worked with my son as a speech therapist in 2012-2013. She played an instrumental role in developing his language skills, especially his social language. Tiffany is a very professional and well-organized therapist. She always had fun, interesting and appropriate activities organized that effectively engaged my son during speech therapy sessions. Tiffany has a strong background in applied behavior analysis, which was invaluable in keeping my son on-task and provided valuable data to track his progress. I have no hesitation in recommending Tiffany as speech pathologist.                 -  Tara W. 

Nicole has done a fantastic job bringing Noah up to speed with his speech. She does great work both working with him one on one and communicating to a parent about what to focus on. Our experience with Budding Voices has been wonderful. - Britt P

A five star rating doesn't adequately measure the positive impact Tiffany has had on our daughter over the past 6 months she has been working with her. Our (3yo) daughter was having language development issues (echolalia and an inability to converse, to name a couple of the specific issues) when we first went to Tiffany. I also raised concern with Tiffany that our daughter seemed to have trouble understanding emotions of others. She also didn't engage in age appropriate play (pretend play, for example). Tiffany has been able to work with our daughter on *all* of our concerns, and picks up on areas for improvement without us even having to mention them. She is so in tune with what our daughter needs to succeed. Tiffany is passionate about her work and truly gifted in her abilities. She has made an incredible impact on our daughter over the last few months and has been an invaluable resource to us as parents since we finally received an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis for our daughter a couple months ago. We are so grateful that we found her - we can now converse with our daughter and we feel like her personality is really blossoming now that she is learning how to express herself more effectively.   - Christine M. 

As a mother of a 14 year old with ASD, we have seen our fair share of SLP's. Tiffany and the whole Budding Voices team are by far the most professional, engaging, and energetic speech therapists that we have had the pleasure to work with our son. Your child is a treated as a unique individual and they want your child to succeed with their goals. They work with you to help achieve your child's highest potential. Wish I could give more than 5 stars! - Shannon D.