​On a more personal note, Tiffany grew up in Audubon NJ. She currently lives in Severna Park MD. Tiffany is a wife and mother of 3 boys. She enjoys reading. Tiffany likes listening to country music and relaxing on the beach. 

We saw Tiff as a speech therapist for 3 years and up until then we had no success with our son. With her patience and expert skills our son finally began to talk. Jack adored his sessions with Tiff to the point that he would sleep with pictures of her and use videos of his sessions with Tiff as his favourite reward. Without Tiff we would not be where we are today. Tiff was an integral part of our son's progress and bringing him into out world. I cannot recommend Tiff highly enough. I just wish she was still here in Australia.    - Alana H. 

Who are we? - Meet our therapists

A five star rating doesn't adequately measure the positive impact Tiffany has had on our daughter over the past 6 months she has been working with her. Our (3yo) daughter was having language development issues (echolalia and an inability to converse, to name a couple of the specific issues) when we first went to Tiffany. I also raised concern with Tiffany that our daughter seemed to have trouble understanding emotions of others. She also didn't engage in age appropriate play (pretend play, for example). Tiffany has been able to work with our daughter on *all* of our concerns, and picks up on areas for improvement without us even having to mention them. She is so in tune with what our daughter needs to succeed. Tiffany is passionate about her work and truly gifted in her abilities. She has made an incredible impact on our daughter over the last few months and has been an invaluable resource to us as parents since we finally received an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis for our daughter a couple months ago. We are so grateful that we found her - we can now converse with our daughter and we feel like her personality is really blossoming now that she is learning how to express herself more effectively.   - Christine M. 

Tyler's speech therapist from Kennedy Krieger. Without her we never would have made it to where we are. She will always be in our hearts. Her picture is also in every room of our house. You couldn't ask for anyone better than Tiffany Erler.  - Vicki M.

Our daughter is on the spectrum and was having difficulty with her speech and comprehension. Working with Tiff dramatically improved both areas quickly! We feel her impact on our daughter shows everyday. Tiff was quickly able to relate and work effectively with her on many levels!       -  Craig T. 

Our Mission

I have been doing speech with my 2 year old son for 6 months before starting with Tiffany. In just 4 sessions he has made more progress than in the entire 6 months prior to meeting with her. He looks forward to playing and when he comes back from his session he is always talking up a storm. Before his first session with Tiffany we were working on him saying simple words like "ball" and "bye". He now has probably hundreds of words and that continues to grow daily. The progress in such a short time is amazing.    - Jessica C. 

We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to unlock his or her voice. Our mission is to provide individualized therapy to each client. We strive to include the whole family in our treatment approach. 

Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy Center

Connor Dietz, BS, SLP-A  ~ In 2015, Connor earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from James Madison University. Connor became a Maryland Board-Certified Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) in 2017. Throughout his time as an SLPA, Connor has worked with children that have been diagnosed with apraxia, phonological, articulation, language, and pragmatic disorders. He also has experience with patients that have Down syndrome, autism, and other special needs conditions. He has since provided speech therapy in a variety of settings including several private practices throughout Maryland with a focus on children ages 3-10. Most recently, he has been an SLPA for Charles County Public Schools working at elementary, middle, and high school levels. In his free time, Connor is a volunteer and advocate for environmental conservation and Horticultural Therapy.

 On a more personal note, Nicole grew up in Bloomington, MN. She’s now lives in Arnold, MD with her husband and three kids. She enjoys spending time with family, as well as cooking, reading, and playing tennis.

Laura Ironman, MS, CCC-SLP  ~ Laura earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Duquesne University. She has worked in several speciality schools with children with ASD, multiple disabilities, developmental delays, articulation disorders, and expressive and receptive language disorders. Laura is currently trained in crisis prevention, and has experience working with PECS, multimodal communication, and other forms of AAC. Laura was born and raised in Long Island NY. She just recently moved to the DMV area. In her spare time, Laura enjoys walking and hiking trails, as well as singing and watching musicals. 

Tiffany Erler, MS, CCC-SLP  ~ Tiffany is our founder and Clinical Director. After receiving her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Loyola College in Maryland in 2007, she completed a clinical fellowship year at the Kennedy Krieger Institute's Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Tiffany remained on staff at CARD through 2010. She participated in multi-disciplinary teams focused on identifying children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and providing individualized treatment. She then lived and worked in Sydney Australia for 4 years. During her time there, Tiffany continued to work with children with ASD at the largest Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and early intervention centre in the country. Tiffany's areas of expertise and special interests include autism spectrum disorders, apraxia, and augmentative-alternative communication. Tiffany is trained in PECS, PROMPT, and ABA. She has treated children of all ages with a wide variety of abilities and diagnoses. ​Tiffany is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and holds a MD License. She received an ACE award in 2017 for her commitment to lifelong learning by earning over 70 hours of continuing education. ​​

Nicole Felt, MS, CCC-SLP  ~ Nicole earned her Bachelor’s degree from American University in psychology and her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Loyola University Maryland. For five years, Nicole worked as a private therapist with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and developmental delays and was trained in both Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Floortime therapies. She also worked at Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC as a research coordinator studying children with feeding disorders. After receiving her Masters in 2014, Nicole worked in private clinics in Washington, DC and Maryland providing speech-language therapy for children ranging from 2 to 16 years. Nicole’s areas of expertise and special interests include articulation delays and disorders, autism spectrum disorders, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and overall expressive and receptive language difficulties. Nicole is trained in ABA and the SOS Approach to Feeding. 

Parent/Client Testimonials

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Tiffany Erler worked with my son as a speech therapist in 2012-2013. She played an instrumental role in developing his language skills, especially his social language. Tiffany is a very professional and well-organized therapist. She always had fun, interesting and appropriate activities organized that effectively engaged my son during speech therapy sessions. Tiffany has a strong background in applied behavior analysis, which was invaluable in keeping my son on-task and provided valuable data to track his progress. I have no hesitation in recommending Tiffany as speech pathologist.                 -  Tara W.